The Victoria Thompson Scholarship Winners 2021-2022

Just a little update for you all.

The marking panel have selected two winners for The Victoria Thompson Scholarship. From a very high standard of applications, Katie Kelly and Rachel Clarke were selected.

The NUIG Foundation match our donation of €2,000. So, this means each winning student will receive €2,000 towards their fees. We wish to thank all applicants, the university faculty, the foundation, and all those working diligently in children’s palliative care services.

There was no formal presentation this year, but here is a little bio and photo of each candidate. Huge thanks and congratulations to both students in the Masters and Post Graduate programme in NUI Galway.

Katie Kelly, Galway: RNID and RCN. Trained as an RNID in Trinity College, Dublin/Stewart’s Care, Palmerstown. Completed H. Dip in Children’s Nursing in DCU/ CHI Temple Street, Dublin. Staff nurse experience in varied areas: Intellectual Disability/ challenging behaviour, paediatric emergency department, Home care Nurse with the Jack and Jill Foundation, paediatric haematology and oncology in Saudi Arabia, children’s general medical and surgical and paediatric complex/ high dependency care in the UAE. Aspires to assist in the further development of specialist services in children’s complex and palliative care in rural Ireland.

Rachel Clarke successfully completed her undergraduate degree in Intellectual Disability Nursing in Trinity College Dublin in 2016. Following that, she worked in Hazel House, a children’s disability respite service for children with intellectual disabilities and complex care needs. It was during this time she started to work with the Jack and Jill Foundation, and continues to do so. The following year, she commenced a Higher Diploma in Paediatric Nursing in DCU and Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Once qualified, she worked on the neonatal ward in Temple Street for just over a year. Currently, she is employed as a Paediatric Client Care Manager with Communicare, a private home-care company. In her role, she supports children with complex care and palliative care needs in the community. She decided to do the MSc in Children’s Palliative Care and Complex Care in NUIG to become a specialist practitioner in this area. Her ambition is to support children and families by providing a holistic and evidence based approach in her practice.

Well done to all students and congratulations to the winners of The Victoria Thompson Scholarship!

Latest News. March ’19. Presentation of two scholarships NUIG university.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 22.15.48

We were thrilled to present a scholarship to two nurses in the Masters programme for children’s palliative care and complex care in NUIG university, in Victoria’s memory.

The thrilling news came through that the programme recently gained established status by the School of Nursing at NUI Galway in partnership with their colleagues in UCD. This is huge and welcome news. This means the course will progress into the future. Well done Claire Quinn, this is due to your vision and hard work!

The Victoria Thompson Scholarship is also spurred on with interest and support from the Galway University Foundation who stepped in to match our donation to the Masters programme. Therefore, there are now two scholarships of €2,000 for nurses on this prestigious course, in Victoria’s memory.

The progression of the scholarship is ongoing and our AGM in May will add new dimensions to what we hope to achieve.

For now, HUGE congratulations to the two very worthy winners of The Victoria Thompson Scholarship 2019,  Heather Power and LeeAnne Heneghan.

Sincere thank you to everyone involved in the course, all the applicants, the course directors and other students, the NUIG foundation, the marking committee and our sponsors.

We hope to do a follow-up post on all past winners and how they are progressing in their chosen career paths. These nurses are super heroes in our eyes and we wish to thank them continuously for what they do.

Thank you Heather Power and LeeAnne Heneghan for applying and agreeing to be our recipients for 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 22.16.35

Brian Thompson, Sharon Thompson, Heather Power (winner), Margaret Wright (Project Manager Galway University Foundation).

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 22.16.19

Winner LeeAnne Heneghan.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 22.15.48

Presentations – Thank you to Margaret Wright (Project Manager, Galway University Foundation), Claire Quinn (course founder and director) and Deirdre Fitzgerald (faculty).


More magic on the way soon.

Recent magical happenings.

Auction of signage was completed in November and Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa had the winning bid of €1,200 for this year. Sincere thanks to Feleena McCallion and all at Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa for their continued support.


The nurses from the NUIG Masters and Post-grad course graduated in November. How proud are we of these wonderful hard-working nurses who have returned to study (as well as work) in children’s palliative care and complex care. Sincere thanks to Claire Quinn and NUIG for allowing us to be part of the process in this small way and well done to all of the graduates for 2018!


Santa Claus the movie was aired in Century Cinema in Letterkenny. Sponsored and organised by Rushe Fitness and Maria Rushe (The S Mum). We shared the amazing amount raised with the Jack and Jill Foundation and have another €1,100 each for our charities. Thank you to all who attended the film, organised and sponsored the event. It is a magical event where children are involved. That makes it so special, at this time of year.

A little video of the year’s round-up is on its way. We aim to have much more to celebrate and tell you about in 2019.

The magic continues. We love and miss you always Victoria. xx