Main sponsors and funders.

Thank you.

A little video of the magical 2017 supporters and main events. It has been an amazing first year!

We also wish to acknowledge all those you donated to the GoFundMe page too. It is so hard to include everyone involved but we love you all for the support. We cannot express fully how much we appreciate all the time, effort and work our charity has received this year.

Here’s a short round-up to say thank you.


We’ve had immense support in our local communities since Victoria was ill and there’s been an out-pouring of strong support. It is wonderful how everyone has rallied to make us feel less alone. The fundraising in Victoria’s memory has been phenomenal.

Our communities continue to remember Victoria and it’s you who’ve made her legacy a great one. Thank you to all our family, friends and communities near and far. We couldn’t mention you all and yet we wish we could. Without you, this would not be possible.  

The local businesses of Moville and Greencastle are always helping promote and sponsor our endeavours. Thank you very much for bidding on our signage this year and keeping us in your thoughts for charity partnerships.

Thank you to all those who have individually donated on out GoFundMe page. This money all goes directly to nurses who are studying in children’s palliative care and complex care.

Best wishes – Sharon and Brian Thompson, on behalf of The Victoria Thompson Memorial Fund and Scholarship.

We are asking you to please consider donating directly to the Victoria Thompson Memorial Fund. To donate, please go to GoFundMe page

or Contact us directly.