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What Victoria showed us all. 

On 27th September Victoria was born and all was well. However at three months old she cried constantly. At five months old Victoria was diagnosed with a rare, painful and terminal condition. We had to fight to find any palliative care for her. Unbelievably, children’s palliative care is a new branch of medicine and specific training in children’s palliative care is a new speciality.

Who you help. 

There are approx 3,840 Irish children living with complex life-limiting illnesses (Ling et al 2015) Unfortunately in 2017, most parents of terminally ill children find it difficult to get specialised nurses to care for their child full-time at home – yet this is the only option.

What we do.

The Victoria Thompson Foundation fund will award scholarships to carers, nurses and other professionals who prove their work/project/ research or study is advancing children’s palliative care in Ireland.

We have strong knowledge of the emerging medical sector and are guided by academics, medical professionals and parents.

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Us working together…

Presently, The Victoria Thompson Foundation and Scholarship is linked to NUIGalway university. Their Masters course aims to provide registered nurses with in-depth, evidence based knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver safe, quality care to highly dependent children/young people, as they live with complex life-limiting illness and face end of life. . This course is in it’s first year but has already been nominated for national awards.

Listen to course director Claire Quinn explain why nurses should do MSc in children’s palliative care and complex care It can be found at 15.10 to 29.31.


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